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Serving Atlanta area since 1992


“Every time I pass the neighborhood on my way home it puts a smile on my face. You guys went above and beyond, you’ve exceeded my expectations. Thank you for addressing the much needed attention for years of neglect.”

Deer Creek HOA


“Switched over to Kelly Landscapes. Their people are thorough and courteous. When I am at home, I usually come out and they take the time to explain exactly what they are doing and why. They answer any questions I have and look into and resolve any issues. I would recommend them to anyone!”

Mike C.


“Excellent service!!! I had an irrigation system installed, landscape lighting, and lots of planting done. Weather delayed start time, but as soon as the project started, it was done in 2 days. Despite all the digging, my lawn looked undisturbed. Kept me in the loop on what and when. Walked-through after to show me how things worked. Pricing was reasonable. I’m considering purchasing their maintenance service. KLM-you guys rock!!!

Azuka E.


“Reasonably priced. Employees friendly and will work with you. 10-year satisfied customer.”

Steve O.


“To say that we were pleased is an understatement. We had our first interaction with Andrew and it was an amazing experience from there. I may butcher the spelling, but the crew leader Saul was just incredible. They laid about 13 pallets of SOD for us and did an amazing job, but 2 things really stood out that I had to share because it’s the little things that make the difference sometimes. 1. We asked if they could level out a little space for our trampoline and lay pine straw. Not only did they make the perfect space, but we turned around and boom…. they carried the trampoline from the side of the yard to the perfect nook they created. That’s above and beyond and I had a happy 6 year old boy. 2. I woke up early to hear the guys working hard, I look out and there is the owner of the company on Saturday morning laying SOD with the rest of the crew. Again, how refreshing it is to see a leader that also leads from the back and isn’t above helping his crew. Thank you James Kelly for your inspiring leadership. We are a Kelly Landscaping client forever and passionate advocate for your company! Thank you all again sooo much, job well done. Get these guys some lunch James! ☺️”

Sheena H.