Irrigation services

What is Irrigation?

Irrigation is the act of supplying water to grass or other forms of plants through pipes and electronics. Irrigation systems have the ability to include a clock that allows the user to turn the water on and off during certain times of day.

Clock maintenance

Clock maintenance is the maintaining of the system that tells the sprinklers when to go on and off

Pipe repairs

The pipes that carry the water to your grass will sometimes break. Pipe repairs include fixing those pipes to allow you to water your grass properly.


Inspections involve checking every aspect of the irrigation system to ensure everything is working properly.

Sprinkler head replacement

Sometimes the sprinkler head (part of the irrigation system that sprays the water onto your lawn) will go bad. Kelly Landscapes can replace the sprinkler head for you so your lawn can be watered again.

System Installation

Kelly Landscapes is a licensed, professional company with expert knowledge on installing a full sprinkler system for your home.