Lawn care services

Why should you treat your lawn?

Treatments give fertilizers, soil enhancers, and nutrients to your lawn to provide a greener, healthier, and thicker grass. Treatments also get rid of weeds and prevent future weeds. Start enjoying your lawn today.

Common Georgia Weeds


Clover is a highly spreadable weed and can infest your yard quickly.


This type of weed is fast-spreading and can quickly take over the entire yard. Crabgrass is a warm-season weed that will come back in future years if not treated.


Dandelions are little yellow flowers with fluffy seeds and roots up to 10 inches in the ground. Keep in mind, without treating this weed, it is extremely difficult to control.


Thistle is a dominating weed with green spiky leaves and roots up to 4 inches below the soil.



Nutsedge thrives in the heat of the summer and can tolerate drought. Nutsedge is eliminated through treatment.



Chickweed is a common lawn weed with bright green leaves and small flowers. Chickweed is edible, but can be a nuisance for your lawn.

Lawn Care Treatments Can Include:


How often should you Aerate?

Most lawns benefit from annual aeration (once a year).

Heavily used lawns, or those growing on heavy clay may need more than once each year

When is the best time to aerate?

Warm seasons turf grasses such as zoysia or bermuda grass should be aerated in mid-spring to summer, once the turf is completely out of dormancy.

Fescue lawns should be aerated and over seeded in the fall between August and November for the best results!

What is the mosquito control?

With the onset of more and more mosquito born viruses and disease we are taking action.

The goal of having a beautiful landscape is to be able to fully enjoy it by removing the mosquito threat from your property with our mosquito program.

Are the applications safe for my family and pets?

The applications are safe for pets and family after allowing time for the treatments to dry.

Each visit is accompaniedby an invoice with the brief description of times to stay out of treated area.