Maintenance services

What is Lawn Maintenance?

Lawn Maintenance is anything from mowing and edging to bush trimming and tree limbing. Request a free quote for Kelly Landscapes to perfect your lawn and increase your curb appeal today.


Blows leftover grass out of driveways and sidewalks

Bush trimming

Trims bushes into an asthetically pleasing shape


Edging is the process of making a defined border against driveways, etc


Mowing is the process of cutting grass to one even level

Tree limbing

The process of moving unwanted branches from a tree


The process of trimming grass a mower cannot reach


Does KLM mow when my lawn is wet?

We do mow early mornings.

We do not mow after heavy rains.

Does someone need to be home when KLM mows?

No one needs to be at home when service is performed unless you have locked gates of pets that stay outside

Do I need to prepare the lawn before each mowing visit?

Any trash, toys, dog waste is appreciated by the crew members!